Laura Malacart

I am Robert: In response to the brief set by Who are We this project rehearses the idea that our subjectivities are structured by economics.  Global business in its interface with ‘the customer’ introduces a homogenising mode which erases singularity and difference – an example is the use of English as lingua franca or the image of the ‘celebrity’ to convey a (political) message.

In this context, history cannot be a critical context for reflection and understanding.  When it comes to brands, history can only be a sign referencing longevity and therefore a guarantee of quality.

This project engages with the brand mode of address and with the history of tea and one of the first Western corporations via a participatory installation. People are invited to a complimentary Chinese language class with a carefully considered syllabus.

Laura ran I am Robert Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March 2017.

About the artist

Laura Malacart is concerned with the role of language and its impact on forming subjects in a media-saturated and capital-driven reality. She uses collaborations and multidisciplinary practices to question dominant narratives and instigate moments of rupture.