The 2018 programme explored the production of people and place with a rich range of connected sub-themes: housing, displacement, memory and migration, movement, politics of language teaching, the design of a hostile environment, rural, regional and urban ecosystems / transformations, food, environmental and racial justice.

2018 focused on the slow production of cross-border solidarities, relationships and innovations being practiced by artists and arts organisations alongside local communities and neighbourhoods. Via the interdisciplinary research and commissioning work of b-side Festival, Dorset; Deveron Arts, Huntley; Art House, Wakefield; Cultural Spring, Sunderland and South Tyneside; Isis Arts, Newcastle; Museum of Movements, Malmo; CREATE, Dublin and many more.

The 2018 programme also featured a series of collaborative artist/academic projects at different stages of experimental production, including a ‘Stitch in Time…’; ‘Are We Data’; ‘Syrian Cultural Index Project’ and ‘Migrating Proverbs’.

For Who Are We? 2018 we commissioned a series of bespoke films focusing on the often-invisible modes of production underpinning the making process. These films along with others guided visitors across the floor. We invite you to drop into Who Are We? and take part in the many conversations prompted by a mix of participatory installations, workshops, symposia, Learning Labs, screenings and live performance.

In 2018 we worked Stance Podcasts and University of York Migration.

Stance Podcast, named in Guardian’s ‘Best Podcasts 2017’, explores diverse, global perspectives in arts, culture and current affairs. Launched in January 2017, Stance is a monthly transatlantic conversation between journalists Chrystal Genesis in London and Heta Fell in San Francisco. Stance aims to inform, entertain and inspire action. Guests so far have ranged from award-winning documentary filmmakers, directors and actors, avant-garde artists, musicians, authors, politicians, virtual reality experts, world-renowned activists, philosophers and more.

The University of York Migration Network operates as a research hub that brings together a cross-disciplinary group of researchers, artists and activists – across the University and beyond – who work in the areas of migration, forced migration, human rights, social justice, culture and citizenship.

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