Join Counterpoints Arts and The Open University at Who Are We? Tate Exchange for a week of experimental arts production and collective action.

This year’s programme will dig deeper into some of the themes we reflected on in the past two years, and bring forth new and exciting partnerships and collaborations.

Drop in to activities spanning the visual arts: installation, film and photography; design and architecture; digital cultures; the spoken and written word and Live Art, midday to 18:00, 21st to 25th May 2019.

Featured events

  • Symposium Part 1: Migration and Identity


    Researchers from The Open University present their current projects, linked to movement and migration, in this Symposium Part I.

  • Learning Lab 1: Cultural Democracy and New Models of Art Commissioning


    Counterpoints Arts brings international partners into a conversation around commissioning, curating and cultural policy.

  • Learning Lab 2: Artists who Risk and Artists at Risk


    There is a very fine line between artists who risk and artists at risk. This line is increasingly blurred as artists repeatedly step into risky territories in their practice, becoming political actors, activists, agitators and cultural agents.

  • 2 Workshops: Polyglots, Language Teachers and Learners


    The Open University researcher Tita Beaven brings students, language teachers and polyglots together around a question ‘How do we get more people to learn more languages?’ in Collaboration with poet Laila Sumpton and live artist Natasha Davis.

  • As Far As Isolation Goes 

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    This durational performance by artists Tania El Khoury and Basel Zaraa reflects on the health experiences of refugees in the UK, using touch, sound and participation.

  • Popular Culture and the Black Archive


    Join this Long Table which asks ‘do we know what’s in the UK’s archive collections about Black popular culture? Who’s responsible for collecting this material, framing it; and what are its sources?’


You can read Isabel Lima’s Tale of Precarity as a socially engaged artist @whoarewe_tex.
Isabel warmly invited me into her home. We talked over delicious soup and strong coffee. I learned so much from Isabel over…