On a wing and a prayer 


A Case study

2:30 – 4:00 pm:

A screening of recent work by Alia Syed including ‘Panopticon Letters’, ‘Missive I’, ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’ and a sneak preview of her most recent work ‘Clippy’.

4:00pm – 6:00 pm

Followed by a seminar focusing on ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’. This work imaginatively recreates the journey undertaken by Abdul Rahman Haroun, who in August 2015 walked the entire 31-mile length of the Channel Tunnel in a bid to find asylum in the UK. He was arrested by the police and charged under the 1861 Malicious Damage Act. In this seminar, Alia Syed, Sara de Jong, Umut Erel and Olga Jurasz reflected on the role of the law in constituting citizens and migrants as well as the different spaces and journeys informing migrations, mobilities and immobilities. This was followed by an open exchange between all participants on the ethical, political and artistic issues raised by Syed’s work.

Visitors to Who Are We? could also view Syed’s films throughout programme’s week in the main 5th Floor Tate Exchange Space (Tuesday-Saturday).