Antti Tenetz

Tracing and Citizen Sensing Laboratory

How might we understand movement and migration as a human and nonhuman activity? Are there new borders that emerge when nonhumans are taken into account? This participatory laboratory is the result of collaboration between the Citizen Sense research project at Goldsmiths, University of London, and Finnish artist, Antti Tenetz, whose work captures the movements of animals in the Arctic. Citizen Sense explores this question through creatively interpreting movement data from humans and nonhumans.

Citizen Sense is a five-year-long study led by Jennifer Gabrys and funded by the European Research Council that investigates how environmental sensors and environmental data might help us to ‘tune in‘ to new environmental sensibilities. Tracing 2.0 moves from the Arctic to London to capture, represent and recreate movements and movement data across humans and nonhumans as they respond to their environments.  More information is available at

Antti and Jennifer ran Citizen Sense on Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15, Thursday 16, Friday 17, and Saturday 18 March 2017.

About the artist

Antti Tenetz is a visual artist and an experimental documentarist. Tenetz’s works are situated at the interface between media arts, activism, bio arts and urban art. In his works, he combines and fearlessly uses different forms of expression, media, technological platforms and materials. His focus is on multi-disciplinary and multi-artistic cooperation between art and science, and he often uses technologies such as drones and satellite tracking, and he has made digital representations of animal sensory systems. Working across these hybrid systems, Tenetz uses his art to bring new themes to discussions across arts and science concerning experience, relationships with nature, privacy, law, landscape and natural values, as well as other species and the formation, respect and survival of our living space. He has contributed exhibition designs, multimedia and documentaries to science and art exhibitions ranging in subject from Arctic reindeer herders to interactive cityscapes. Tenetz’s works and cooperation projects have been exhibited in Finland and internationally, including at the Venice Biennale, Lumipalloefekti exhibitions, X-Border, ISEA Istanbul, Science Gallery, Pan-Barentz, and e-mobil art. He has also won three national snow-sculpting competitions.