Workshop: Building the ‘City of Refuge’ Archive

Date 23 May 2019
Time 14:30–16:30
Location Main Floor
Type Workshop

Digital makings of the City of Refuge is a comparative project exploring the ways in which urban communities – established and new – mobilise and manage change in the city after refugee and migrant arrivals.

Building upon photographic images and ethnographic stories across three neighbourhoods of Athens, Berlin and London, this workshop will explore the ways in which field research might be translated, transformed and re-narrated in a digital format for a public archive. City of refuge researchers, photographers and visual practitioners will join the branding and digital agency, TEMPLO, in this conversation. ‘Digital makings of the City of Refuge’ is led by the Department of Media and Communications, LSE, in collaboration with the Department of Sociology at the LSE, and with Proboscis and Counterpoints Arts; it is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation ‘Resilient Cities Programme’.