Learning Lab 1: Cultural Democracy and New Models of Art Commissioning

Date 24 May 2019
Time 12:00–16:00
Location Southwark Room
Type Learning Lab

Join us for a conversation about how we might shift the axis of power within the decision-making and shaping of public art commissions and influence cultural policy.

How might we ground the commissioning and curation process more deliberately within the diverse yet explicit needs of our neighbourhoods and in new communities of place and interest? What might this mean in practice?  Can active collaboration and co-creation between artists and citizens generate work that has the potential to be truly transformative: culturally and socially? With comparative case studies from Concomitentes-Madrid, coculture-Berlin, Ettijahat-Beirut, Create-Dublin, Platforma-UK and more. This conversation takes place as part of Counterpoints Arts’ Learning Lab Programme.