Edin Suljic’s poem The Box

This is a response piece by a ‘roaming’ resident Who Are We? project poet Edin Suljic, written on 23rd May:

The Box

I had some little things,
those little parts of our lives, shiny bits and pieces we like
and never know what to do with (some are useful too).

I shall have a box for all this nice junk.
A nice box, indeed.
They never do nice little boxes for our own private treasures.
I shall make one.

Look, here I have the cover of that old notebook.
I really liked it – that’s why I have kept it, till now.
And here is that calendar with old maps
my uncle sent me some years ago.
I’ll glue them on the other side.
It looks like a real treasure map.

I’ve used all my glue.
It doesn’t mattter. I can use sellotape.
And on the back of the box I can put this lovely wrapping paper.
That’s what my birthday gift from my sister came out of.
I can’t remember what it was, but I liked it.
That’s why I kept the paper.

Oh look, some old tickets to the opera.
Yes,  we went together. I really liked that girl.
They will look like some sticker-souvenirs
from journeys into romantic memory.
And this postcard from the Old Land will fit well.
Ooops, I’ve run out of sellotape.
I’ll use this leather ribbon.
In her hair it looked like a twisted spark from a firework.
Then she forgot it and never came back.
The card will be like a lid on the treasure
secured by the Gordian knot of the ribbon.
It really does look good.

Oh, here is a dry little rosebud.
I’ll staple it like a lock on the box.
Lucky me. The last staple.

What shall I put into the box?

Copyright Edin Suljic

Edin is a part of Bards Without Borders Collective