Where Do We Get Off

all of us strangers

packed in this box

are waiting for doors to open

what do we do here?

and where do we get off?


a series of micro journeys into wales poetry transiting identities and stories. Created by John Norton, Ali Goolyad and Bevin Magama.

Ali Goolyad is a poet and actor. Previous work includes De Gabay, Bordergame, Big Democracy Project (National Theatre Wales), Borderland (Radio 4), and Talking Doorsteps (Roundhouse).

Bevin Magama is a writer and storyteller and founder of Magamatic Stories. Previous work includes Bordergame (National Theatre Wales), The Hare and The Baboon (Bambo Soyinka), and storytelling at Harare International Festival, and Platforma, Newcastle. His autobiography Vicious is published by Hodcha.

John Norton is a director and the founder of Give It A Name. Previous work includes Bordergame (National Theatre Wales), Elite Introductions (CityLeaks, Cologne), Here Before You (Greenman Festival) and Not A Thing Out Of Place (NTW Team/ Radio Cardiff).

Ali Goolyad
Bevin Magama
John Norton