Mohammed Sami

Mohammad Sami  believes that the medium of painting has the capacity to record the ghosts of something lost, not present and therefore become the symbolic register of the permanent.

Some of Mohammad’s  large scale paintings are informed by the Al Báath murals reflecting the walls of his school, in Iraq as a child. Simultaneously, long after he emigrated to Europe in 2007, the traumatic aftershocks of the Iraq war continue to surface, as subconscious echoes, within the materiality of his painting.

Traces of living and the human condition are key themes within Mohammad’s paintings, both drawn from a combination of autobiographical and general sources. His  subject matter ranges from the symbolic to the everyday and the historical. In an attempt to resist categorisation the ideas are not expressed explicitly but rendered ambiguous in an effort to allow space for the viewer to arrive at their own conclusions to the subject matter painted.

Mohammad will contribute to the ‘Ways of Telling: The Sea is the Limit’ workshop scheduled for  Who Are We? on 22nd May.