Black Sheep Collective

Black Sheep Collective CIC nurtures bold expressions of creativity often defying conformity.

BSC believe in breaking new ground and using the arts as a means to reduce barriers and foster the development of creative communities.  BSC manage and run Bar Bar Black Sheep an award winning little arts bar hideaway located in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. Born out of extensive consultation with our local community, part funded by a crowd funding campaign, Bar Bar is a social enterprise coffee house, bar and gallery. Regenerated from a Victorian shop front, in the heart of Wolverton’s town square. Providing a welcome break from the ‘flock’.

BSC will host the performance duo There There on 18th June, and work collaboratively on presenting the duo’s piece ‘Trigger Warning’ to the local Wolverton community. Our organisation sits in a very diverse part of Milton Keynes, where a large Eastern European community lives. We aim to recruit members of the community to support the performance, by guiding the audiences through the installation.

Added to the day is a workshop, facilitated by Agnes Czajka, from the Open University, exploring the issues of identity and integration in the local context.

As part of the response piece BSC will be creating a stand alone installation – ‘Bad Nagtowek’. Exploring the way immigrants from European Countries are portrayed in the national and local Media. It will be in the form of a traditional British dress, seemingly beautiful from afar but sinister up close. This will compliment the work of ‘There There’ evoking another layer of engagement from exhibition attendees. We are pleased to be a part of Who Are We? connecting to the programme from a site outside Tate Exchange.