Create is the national development agency for collaborative arts in Ireland. We are a resource organisation for artists working across artform, in social and community contexts. Through various programmes and project initiatives Create encourages innovative and creative models of engagement that extend and enrich arts engagement and participation with multiple publics and diverse communities of interest and of place.

Create’s mission is to lead the development of collaborative arts practice in Ireland, create opportunities for exchange and interaction that benefit a wide constituency of artists, sectors and communities, strengthen the contribution of the arts to society, and encourage artists and communities to create art that reflects and responds to our times.

Create offers a range of services for artists and arts organisations which include Professional Development and Advisory Sessions, Mentoring, Research, Learning Development and Commissioning and Project opportunities. We work through partnerships with arts and civil society organisations on initiatives that support and develop collaborative arts practice, nationally and internationally.

Create is pleased to be a part of Who Are We? 2018 and to contribute to the comparative conversations. Create will co-direct and co-produce with Counterpoints Arts a Summer School in July 2018, focusing on ‘Cultural Diversity and the Role of the Artist in the Community’.