ISIS Arts, Newcastle, United Kingdom.

D6 Culture in Transit - Newcastle

D6 is based in Newcastle and works locally, nationally and internationally. People and communities around the world have incredible stories to tell. Sometimes beautiful. Sometimes difficult. Often both. Since 1991, D6 has worked with artists from around the world to capture and reveal the stories that unite us. Stories about our places and our communities. Stories that shape our identities. The organisation has partners in 55 countries globally, with significant advocacy and mentoring skills in arts and culture, delivering training to 7,320 individuals in the past 10 years.

We are producers of temporary art in public spaces, both physical and virtual. From the intimate to the spectacular, our commissions explore the relationships between the communities who use public spaces and their socio-political environments. Whilst our work is centred on people and communities, it is also sensitively exposed to debate and exhibition through festivals and events. We are pleased to be a part of Who Are We? and to be in conversation with Isabel Lima’s ‘Gresham’s Wooden Horse’ project among others.

Our programme crosses geographical, social and cultural boundaries. We work in the UK with artists and people locally – connecting internationally to artists and organisations in 55 countries.