Museum of Movements, Malmö, Sweden.

Museum of Movements - Malmö

The Museum of Movements in Malmo will be the first national Museum for Democracy and Migration in Sweden. Born from the belief that every person has a right to their own history, the new museum aims to be a place free from inherited structures and considerations, where new methods and working models can be developed, and that dares to address difficult questions vital for our understanding of the movement of people and ideas.

Who Are We? is pleased to welcome Fredrik Elg and Roxana Ortiz, Co-Managers of The Museum of Movements. 

Fredrik Elg started his career as a filmmaker/cinematographer and has always been dedicated to holistic global perspectives. Fredrik has been responsible for the Swedish Art Council’s initiative to support the advocacy and protection of writers and artists worldwide. Fredrik initiated the Safe Havens conference for the global sector of NGOs, institutions, funders, activists and artists in the field of protecting persecuted and censored artists and scholars. As a manager at the City of Malmö Culture Department he has specialised in issues concerning democracy, inclusion, and the protection of persecuted artists. Elg has studied arts, culture and social studies at Lund University, Malmö University and at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He was appointed Head Writer for the feasibility study for The Museum of Movements in Malmö 2017 and became c0-manager alongside Roxana Ortiz in 2018.

Roxana Ortiz holds a master’s in international relations and political science from the University of Gothenburg, where she has also worked in the gender research field. She has worked close to feminist projects in Nicaragua through Swedish development organisations. She has also been head of communication for one of the biggest gender conferences in northern Europe, Nordic Forum in Malmö 2014. Roxana has worked as political advisor for the left party in City of Malmö. She was in charge of the processing and planning for the pilot study for the Museum of Movements – people and ideas in motion. She is now a co-manager for the museum project, together with Fredrik Elg.