‘Wer sind Wir?


(Who are We)

The ‘Who are We’? Programme offered three sets of school workshops, targeted at primary and secondary level. These workshops were offered on Tuesday 14th March; Wednesday 15th March and Friday 17th March.

All school workshops are closed sessions and will run from 10:30 onward, lasting approximately 90 minutes.

Wednesday 15th March: 10:30-12:00 noon

‘Wer sind Wir? (Who are We) with James Hodkinson, University of Warwick.

Hodkinson: ‘This workshop explored questions surrounding being different, being the same and being similar in multicultural societies.’ 

We used contemporary and historical material from European media, history, arts, film, literature, and thought to activate and enrich students’ thinking. The workshop comprised of a short lecture, film clips, group activities, and discussions and asked questions, such as: how important it is to view people of different cultural backgrounds and faiths in terms of how they differ from us? Is cultural difference always negative? Is the alternative to difference to insist that we all need to share the same beliefs? Is the only way to co-exist to reject our own heritage, assimilate and become the ‘same’? Is it possible to think of a different inter-cultural model – that of similarity – which preserves and respects cultural differences, whilst finding shared beliefs, traditions, and values around which to build cross-community and interfaith relations?

This learning lab was aimed at students at  ‘AS,’ ‘A’ Level and advanced GCSE students of Modern Foreign Languages, Religious Studies, History and Sociology.