Who You Think We Are is a conversational performance conceptualised to run for 45 minutes. It aims to engage and disrupt audience member’s internal assumptions about how we attribute identities to people without having met them. We will invite audiences to engage with the three of us through sharing images, stories and gestural repertoires. We hope to playfully deconstruct first assumptions made about people while considering the deeper paradoxes of cross-cultural living, and how we create, perform and negotiate personal and collective identity and a sense of belonging.

About the artist

JCN is a screen, stage writer & poet. JCN is currently V-LED Writer-in-Residence using Verbatim Theatre to stimulate Local Climate Action. JC wrote Wazi?FM a film about Urban Refugees that went on to win several awards including an EU award for promoting peace and cultural understanding.

YH is based at Warwick University, exploring intercultural engagements across and within borders. YH developed the African Women’s Playwright Network, meeting JCN and working with TW. AWPN aims to help artists in the global context connect, share and develop new artistic work, and explore issues at regional, national and international levels. YH also works on how history, memory and transnational justice intersect.

TW is based at Warwick University, engaging with online performance, food and video. Current work includes developing teaching and learning around immersive technologies.