Gil Mualem Doron, The New Flag

Gil Mualem-Doron

The New Union Project (2015 – ) / The Stall (2017) is a proposal for an alternative flag for the UK by the artist Gil Mualem-Doron. The project has been presented via various media and formats – from agitprops to room installations – accompanied by participatory photoshoots, conversations and workshops.

The New Union Flag is a modified version of the Union Jack, which includes traditional textile designs of former colonised communities and textile designs of various ethnic and national groups that live in the UK today. The various textiles are placed on the Union Jack in relation to the geographical locations from which they originated. The flag also contains numerous small boats made from jiffy cloths representing past and present migration from and to the UK. The project was piloted in 2014 and has engaged thousands of people through 3 gallery exhibitions (Packham Platform, Hoxton Arches, Turner Contemporary), in several events in cultural institutes, in community gatherings, and in pro-refugees and LGBT+ rallies. In 2017 The New Union Project (2015 – ) / The Stall (2017) will tour nationally, culminating in a formal proposal being made to parliament to adopt it as the official UK flag.

Gil ran The New Union Project (2015 – ) / The Stall (2017) on Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March 2017.

  • New Union Flag by Gil Mualem-Doron.

About the artist

Gil Mualem-Doron is an artist, researcher and a community facilitator.  He is the founder of SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon in Brighton. He works in various media including photography, print, painting and mix media installations. Most of his work is socially and politically engaged. His work has been exhibited in private and public galleries and museums in the UK, Europe and the Middle East; and several of his works are in private collections.