Weight, Tate Exchange, London, United Kingdom. Photograph: Marcia Chandra

Ania Bas & Season Butler

Weight is an invitation to immerse yourself in an installation of 24 brands. It invites participants to write about 24 objects ranging from cheese and sausage to TV and online platforms that apparently define the divided nation. Research undertaken by Campaign into the top 10 brands favoured by Remainers and Brexiters is a starting point for a conversation about the complexity of exit and the troubles of remaining. Participants will be invited to join open co-writing sessions and to co-create stories prompted by one of 24 products. This will form an anthology of diverse narratives.

Ania and Season ran Weight on Tuesday 14 March and Wednesday 15 March 2017.

About the artist

Ania Bas is an artist working across text, performance, publishing and social engagement to create situations that support dialogue and exchange, while at the same time questioning existing frameworks of participation. She is interested in the ways that narratives shape understanding, mythology and knowledge of places and people.

Season Butler is a writer, artist, lecturer and activist. Her writing, research and art practices centre around the intersectionality of otherness, isolation and the end of the world. She writes literary and experimental fiction and makes performance work independently and as Associate Producer of ‘I’m With You’, a collective concerned with queer domesticity.